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2023 – Website

5 months

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Mia Kai is a luxury superyacht based in Phuket, Thailand. Travelling all around Phuket and surrounds in the Andaman Sea, the Mia Kai creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience for passengers. Evolut worked closely with Mia Kai to bring this entire experience to life and help drive new enquiries from international clientele.


Mia Kai is a successful business, driving repeat business predominantly through local clients due to COVID and recent restrictions on travel. Mia Kai desired to open back up to international trade as a more lucrative source of week-long stays, but knew this would be difficult in the absence of a well-considered website to represent their experience. With a highly wealthy and prestigious target market, the website needed to deliver on the highest levels of luxury as well as bringing Phuket and surrounds to life in a way that fairly represented the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it affords.


Week-long stays on luxury superyachts are certainly well-considered and (typically) well-researched purchase decisions. We knew the pitch was as much Phuket (Thailand) and surrounds as it was the superyacht itself. Ultimately we had to convince incredibly wealthy patrons to reconsider their trip to the Greek Isles / Mediterranean in favour of a holiday in Thailand… a tough sell until you see what Phuket and surrounds has to offer. By travelling to Thailand and experiencing the Mia Kai experience first-hand, we knew that people simply needed to see the experience for what it was and they would be hooked – so we took the following strategy to help bring this experience to life:

  1. Bring Phuket and surrounds to life with an interactive map which deep-dived into each destination and allowed visitors to add them to a virtual itinerary / booking
  2. Use rich video and photography to best represent the experience and all it has to offer across the website
  3. Help visitors explore all the different activities on offer (a big selling point) and get detailed information to help self-educate
  4. Go deep on the dining and indulgences experience, a key selling point for the experience
  5. Group experiences by persona, allowing users to either design their own Perfect Getaway or to browse through Curate Experiences
  6. Allow visitors to create a virtual itinerary and booking to help shorten the sales cycle and make a better overall experience

Problem Solving

Luxury Experience

When you’re selling luxury products to refined clientele you need a certain level of chic and refinement not required of other sites. When you’re selling luxury experience this goes to another level. Super-refined, luxe and immersive are the keys to success. The right images, the right video, the right content, the right feel. It’s premium, engaging, immersive and refined.

Multiple Personas

Even with a highly-refined level of clientele, you’re still catering to a number of different personas/groups as it relates to superyacht vacations. Is it a family retreat? A diving experience? Or is everyone mad-keen on watersports. To help cater for different types of groups and vacations we organised content into a range of personas and curated experiences to help people explore and design their ultimate getaway experience.

Online Booking Engine

With interest piqued we don’t want to leave the sale to chance. An integrated booking system encourages users to add destinations, food, activities to favourites – or a virtual itinerary if you like – which can then be submitted along with preferred dates and trip details to form an online booking. This system allows direct interaction with the captain and crew such that the trip can be further refined and tailored in collaboration withe the team at Mia Kai before confirming the booking online.

Interactive Map

With a clear brief to help “sell” Phuket and surrounds, we knew that the interactive destinations map had to be put on steroids. Integrating filtering by persona, rich destination content, animation and an “Add to Favourites” system we truly extended Google Maps to its limits.

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