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2023 – Website
2023 – Brand Development
2023 – Content Development

6 months
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/ Manassen Foods

Manassen Foods manages over 60 well-known food brands throughout Australia. They have over 70 years experience in commercialising food brands into the Australian market. Evolut had the enviable job of bringing their suite of well-known brands to life in a digital way and doing them the justice they deserved.


Manassen Foods needed a digital platform to launch their new site but also prepare for future brand websites. They also needed to tell their story in a new-and-interesting way to help better appeal to new customers and partners alike. Upon doing our research we realised that Manassen Foods was punching well above it’s weight, but it’s digital presence was letting it down. We knew we had to stretch our thinking to deliver a digital experience that excelled beyond much better known rivals such as Unilever, MARS, Nestle etc.


Our approach was to reimagine the Manassen brand such that it truly brought their partner brands to life as the hero. This meant creating an environment where major sections of the website could transform in colour to better match the brands & products they represented. Furthermore we wanted to create a lot more animation and interactivity to increase interest in the content and really bring their products and services to life.

Problem Solving

Multi-brand Support

Creating a website that represents over 30 different brands and needs to highlight and give justice to them all is no mean feat. To address this challenge we took a design approach that made the brands themselves the hero and created a template system that allowed each-and-every brand to have their own fully self-contained microsite.

Platform Expansion

Building one site as the basis for many more to follow presents an intriguing challenge. How do you ensure you make the resulting digital experience highly engaging (and not too templated) but allow future re-use. To address this challenge we set the website using WordPress such that we can leverage their multi-site capability for future sites. This will allow us to re-use a common set of blocks, templates and functions – but completely re-style them for each new website.


To dial up the engagement on the website we used a lot of animation and interactivity throughout. The end result was a very visually impressive and immersive digital experience, one that you truly want to explore and deep-dive into.


A further challenge in the project was gathering content for such a diverse and multi-faceted business. We leveraged ChatGPT to help support and create a framework and baseline of content that their team could improve upon.

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