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Together Co was a new-to-market brand and wanted an immersive Shopify website to launch their brand. Evolut helped them develop an immersive website that helped showcase their beautiful new range of products.


With a new brand, product and start-up budget – Together Co was looking to rapidly develop an immersive DTC Ecommerce experience. Their products were all-natural and were targeted at the whole family – but the decision maker was definitely the mum. They wanted a lifestyle-focused website with a premium feel and rich imagery.


Evolut extended the bounds of Shopify’s templating system to truly bring this website experience to life in a short-turnaround. The resulting website is highly immersive and engaging and truly beings Together Co’s products to life.

Problem Solving

Shopify Theming

The Shopify templating system can be tricky at the best of times – but especially as it relates to creating rich, interactive content. To help deliver a truly engaging website where Together Co could continue to re-use blocks across the website we had to engineer a completely new block-based system for them to use. No mean feat in 6 weeks!


To deliver website that delivered on the right level of lifestyle and appropriate aesthetic, we need a photography shoot. We partnered with Damien Bredberg, one of Australia’s leading photographers, to deliver us some incredible visuals for the website.


To ensure the highest levels of engagement we dialled up the animation and interactivity to new levels, creating a homepage experience (particularly) that simply couldn’t be ignored.


After a failed attempt at branding, we helped deliver a revised colour palette and typography to truly round out the brand and give it the premium look-and-feel Together Co wanted.

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