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Curio Projects delivers a holistic approach to heritage management through innovative interpretation, storytelling and placemaking. Working closely with the team at Evolut, Curio finally brought their services and projects to life in a way that truly elevated their brand and did them the justice they deserve.


Curio Projects deals with projects ranging from the redevelopment of iconic cultural heritage precincts to the reinterpretation of forgotten heritage assets. Their projects are historical, interesting and bring together a broad number of creative disciplines. They truly wanted to showcase their work, their team and their services in a way that brought them to life – but had been struggling to do so on previous attempts of their website.


Evolut took the time to understand the inherent beauty and intrigue within Curio’s projects and services and realised their was a significant gap to close between their current website and what it could and should be. The challenge was to help bring a new level of engagement and interest to the site and encourage users to engage further with the content within. The resulting site embraced a much refined design and layout, but also a lot more animation, interactivity and video throughout – creating a far more compelling and engaging experience.

Problem Solving

Refined Design

When you’re dealing with architects and designers, it’s incredibly important their work is represented in a highly aesthetic and refined manner. Designs need to be pixel-perfect. The right photography must be used. The subtleties of animation and timing make a real difference. Everything needs to come together to deliver both a compelling and highly-refined experience. One that doesn’t draw attention away from the work, but rather heroes it to it’s full potential. Utilising a clever-CMS approach and subtle animations throughout we collaborated closely with Curio to deliver this outcome in spades.

Many Content Types

Another particularly challenging aspect to Curio’s project was the broad amount of content and functionality the website needed to deliver on. Services, Projects, Events, E-Commerce – no turn was left unturned in making sure Curio was leveraging every possible digital opportunity that they could. Utilising WordPress we helped create a range of different content types (within WordPress) to cater for this – each with their own unique templating system – but coupled with a block layout system that allowed sufficient variety througout.

Completely self-sufficient and editable

Given Curio is constantly launching new projects, events and products – they needed a website that was completely self-sustainable without our intervention. Enter the flexibility of WordPress and our proprietary block system to the rescue. We made the entire website editable through an easy drag-and-drop interface – but designed in such a way that Curio couldn’t break the underlying design system of the website.

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