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When you’re pioneering disruptive, green technology products you need a digital experience that is not only engaging but also educational. And a website that is set to convert that engagement into sales orders.


When LAVO™ approached us with the proposition of designing & building a cutting-edge, e-Commerce powered website for a radical new green energy product in 6 short weeks we thought we must have misheard. But the need was clear and the timing was critical. It was too exciting an opportunity to pass up so we got creative and got “all hands on deck”.


We knew that rapid collaboration and execution would be critical, so we set a daily meeting to update on progress and take ongoing feedback around updates to the product and brand (which were evolving as quickly as the website). We worked closely with Dan Aldridge, Matthew Muller and Steve Badgery (LAVO™ Creative Director, CMO and Head of Customer Experience respectively) to ensure the ship sailed smoothly and all key stakeholders were well engaged and informed.

We also knew creativity and engagement could not be compromised. The LAVO™ Hydrogen Battery System was revolutionary and needed to brought to life in full fidelity. But it also represented a new paradigm in energy storage that required education and rapid comprehension — key challenges that needed to be overcome with interactive content.

We delivered the new LAVO™ website in the required 6 weeks and the results have been nothing short of outstanding.

Problem Solving


Good product websites should jump out and “punch” you in the face, grabbing your attention and coaxing you to learn more and dive deeper. This was an imperative for LAVO™, with the new launch of a radical new product we needed to grab visitors attention quickly and entice them to explore further. The focus on rendered video, macro product photography, full screen layout and subtle animation helped achieve the desired effect.


New products must be comprehended before they can be considered. And in high-tech environments this is particularly acute challenge. With the LAVO™ Hydrogen Battery System we had to help users to understand how the system worked and how it created value. We achieved this through some interactive infographics and animations that helped give users a much stronger understanding of how the product works.


The LAVO™ Hydrogen Battery System costed over AUD $34,000 on launch and is a considered purchase, even if revolutionary. The website had to convey all the necessary trust to support such a purchase online, even if only at a pre-order level. We achieved this through contemporary design, a focus on usability and credibility cues throughout the website execution. Traversing the website you feel like you are in safe and reputable hands.


In addition to launching the LAVO™ Hydrogen Battery System and educating a new audience, the website needed to drive pre-orders as LAVO’s only sales channel. We integrated the website with BigCommerce (in partnership with Matter Design) and they have achieved over $7 million worth of preorders since the site has gone live.

Thanx for watching!