What is a

Digital Selling Machine™

Simply put, a Digital Selling Machine™ is the natural evolution of a website. Rather than being an online brochure (as most websites are) – which only engages 1-2 of 6 potential parts of your sales process – a Digital Selling Machine™ looks across all 6 stages of your sales process and seeks to maximise your visibility, engagement, interactivity and conversation at all 6 stages.
Your Digital Selling Machine™ is run by your Digital Sales Team – 6 digital personas that help maximise your brand at every possible stage in your sales process. Helping turn your website into your best possible salesperson.

The Curator specializes in crafting an enticing digital showcase of your products and services. It meticulously organizes and displays your offerings in a way that not only attracts but deeply engages your potential customers, enhancing their understanding and interest in your brand.


The Champion positions your brand as a leader in its field, leveraging powerful storytelling and authoritative content to build trust and establish your market dominance. It amplifies your voice across all digital platforms, ensuring your value proposition resonates deeply with your target audience.


The Connector enhances user experiences by providing intuitive navigation and personalized pathways that guide users to their desired outcomes. It streamlines the journey from interest to action, making your digital space a hub of conversion.


The Customizer provides dynamic tools that allow customers to personalize products or services to their exact specifications, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. It transforms the standard purchasing process into a bespoke experience that customers love.


The Closer equips your business with the tools to finalize transactions swiftly and smoothly, enhancing customer experiences at the crucial decision-making stage. It ensures that every interaction is optimized for conversion, from initial interest to final purchase.


The Custodian focuses on post-purchase engagement, turning single transactions into ongoing relationships. Through targeted follow-ups, loyalty programs, and continuous engagement strategies, it keeps your brand top-of-mind and encourages lasting loyalty.

Websites don’t “sell”

Most websites focus on showcasing products rather than solving customer problems. This leaves users struggling to find the right solutions, wasting time, and feeling unsupported.

Digital Selling bridges this gap by addressing the core issues that typical websites overlook, ensuring your customers’ needs are met at every stage of their journey.

Digital Selling Machines™
both “sell” and “scale”

Digital Selling Machines™ combine the things that make salespeople great with the things that make websites great
– giving you an unfair advantage that translates into more leads and more sales.
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Traditional Websites

Generic list of products

Rarely differentiated

Low trust without interaction

Basic analytics

Limited customization

No decision support tools

Few offers or promotions

Lacks ongoing engagement tools

Scalable, Repeatable & 24/7

Basic CRM Integration (Forms)

Self-serve / “Buy Mode”

Positive Dynamic
Digital Selling Machines™

Tailored solutions based on customer needs

DSMs focus on understanding individual customer needs and preferences, providing personalized product recommendations that match specific requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

Clearly differentiated value proposition

DSMs highlight the unique selling points of each product or service, using detailed descriptions, comparisons, and user-generated content to differentiate offerings and make the value proposition clear.

Trust built with testimonials, case studies etc.

By integrating testimonials, case studies, and reviews into the sales process, DSMs build trust and credibility with potential customers, showcasing real-world success stories and user satisfaction.

Advanced engagement analytics

DSMs track and analyze user engagement, using this data to continually refine and improve the user experience, ensuring that content and recommendations remain relevant and effective.

Interactive solution customization tools

DSMs offer tools that allow users to customize products and services to their specific needs, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction by providing a personalized experience.

Calculators, comparison charts, guides

DSMs provide tools like calculators, comparison charts, and detailed guides to help users make informed decisions, simplifying complex information and making it easier to understand the benefits of different options.

Uses lead magnets, special offers, promotions

DSMs attract and convert leads by offering incentives like lead magnets, special offers, and promotions that are tailored to the user's interests and stage in the buying journey.

Engagement via apps, portals, communities

DSMs maintain customer engagement through various channels like mobile apps, customer portals, and online communities, providing multiple touchpoints for interaction and support.

Scalable, Repeatable & 24/7

Digital Selling Machines™ run 24/7 and will scale to meet the varying needs of your diverse customers and prospective customers in real-time through mass personalisation.

Rich CRM Integration & Personalization

Digital Selling Machines™ are tightly integrated with CRMs to ensure customer information is saved and leveraged in real-time across all relevant channels.

Self-serve / “Buy Mode”

Digital Selling Machines™ can be engaged with at the appropriate time, pace and terms as deemed by the customer. The customer is in control, simply guided to the appropriate outcome.


Solutions based on experience

May highlight differentiation

Establishes trust through rapport

Limited tracking and analysis

Basic customization capabilities

Advice-based support

May offer discounts or incentives

Inconsistent Engagement

Very difficult to scale

Moderate CRM Integration

Not self-serve / “Sales Mode”

Digital Selling Toolkit™
The Tools you need for Digital Selling

Combine the Digital Tools you need to solve problems at every stage of the customer journey.
Integrate these tools with right strategy & content to create your very own Digital Selling Machine™.