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Modern Ways of Working


01. Our Approach

Unleash your most valuable asset, your people

Modern Ways of Working helps businesses tap into the latent potential in their existing workflorce – unlocking capacity; increasing velocity; creating focus; and realising value more rapidly and frequently. It achieves this through focusing the business (and its work) back on the customer (Customer Centricity); breaking down siloes and coordinating people around strategic themes and customer problems (Cross-functional Agility); a ruthless focus on work that creates value (Product & Prioritisation); empowering & inspiring people to do their best work (Empowerment & Autonomy); and creating a culture of continuous improvement (Experimentation & Optimisation).

Modern Ways of Working, for many businesses, can be a complete re-invention of the way they approach work… but it needn’t require painful and costly re-structuring (unless desired). This stage of delivery is about creating a plan to help unlock the latent potential in your people, by organising them around the customer and giving the autonomy to create value. This plan then feeds into the Growth Mindset stage, which tackles the culture required to make this transformation successful.

01. Our Services

Modern Ways of Working

Unleash your most valuable asset

Your people are your most valuable asset. Learn how to extract more from them than you ever dreamed possible, to help make your digital vision a reality sooner.

Cross-functional Agility

Deliver value faster and more regularly

Free your teams from the silos that bind and restrain them - creating cross-functional teams centred around customer problems & journeys

Empowerment & Autonomy

Give your teams the keys to create value

Your people and your teams want to create value - it's organisational structure and inertia that holds them back. Release their inner-potential by giving them more autonomy and holding them accountable for value and results.

Product & Prioritisation

Do the most valuable work

Product Management & Prioritisation is focused on ensuring your team is solving the right problems and doing the work that is most valuable at all times - by appropriately balancing the needs of the customer, the business and the team.

Customer Centricity

Put your customer at the centre

Customer centricity is often heralded yet rarely executed. Being customer-minded is not customer-centricity if it does not translate to changes in process and behaviour, and if it does not feed customer feedback into the delivery process.

Experimentation & Optimisation

Test. Learn. Adapt.

Experimentation & Optimisation sits at the heart of continuous improvement. It also helps de-risk work by testing assumptions quickly and delivering smaller chunks of improvement - hence reducing the risk of new features creating bad outcomes for customers and the business.

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