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Ideation & Validation


01. Our Approach

Test early, test often

Ideation & Validation helps you better flesh out what your ultimate experience will look like and then stress test the viability, desirability & feasibility of it.  While most strategy approaches focus predominantly on viability (i.e. financial modelling), we take a much more weighted approach, getting both internal teams and customers involved earlier and more deeply in this phase to ensure the highest likelihood of success when it comes to delivery.

The Ideation & Validation process helps validate your Strategic Roadmap, particularly for horizon 1. The validated ideas then input into the Digital Vision phase, ensuring our vision work is focused on ideas most likely to be viable, desirable and feasible.

01. Our Services

Ideation & Validation

Testing the assumptions built into out Digital Business Model

Strategy is frequently 99% analysis and modelling and built off many assumptions. Our approach to strategy forces it through a validation phase to ensure key hypotheses are market-tested and validated (or modified/discarded) - creating a strategy much more likely to succeed in implementation.

Feasibility Testing

Are your ideas actually implementable?

A range of assumptions in your Digital Business Model can be validated internally with technical resources - i.e. is what you are planning to create technically feasible (and if so can it be created cost-effectively?!) This phase works with the appropriate teams to determine how feasible your Digital Business Model is.

Hypothesis Testing

Determining the desirability of your Digital Business Model

Hypothesis testing helps us determine how desirable our Digital Business Model (and resulting experience) will be to potential customers. Hypothesis testing can be used across many stages of the customer lifecycle and to varying levels of confidence.

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