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Growth Mindset


01. Our Approach

When we avoid failure, we avoid learning

Having a Growth Mindset is the key cultural attribute required for a successful transformation. Growth Mindset focuses on the need for continuous learning and improvement, and vocally supports the concepts of experimentation, testing and validation as ways to learn and constantly improve. It also focuses on changing individuals mindsets, such that they welcome challenge and feedback, and strive to continually learn and see failure as an opportunity to learn.

Instilling a Growth Mindset first requires the commitment and understanding of the executive team, as they will be responsible for creating an environment where a Growth Mindset can thrive. To create the understanding and desire for this we recommend a series of executive workshops – followed with an action plan for cultural change to help educate and embed the mindset shift.

01. Our Services

Growth Mindset

Fail to learn, learn to grow

Building a Growth Mindset is paramount to support the speed-of-evolution required to be successful in the modern world. This means embracing failure as a means to learn and creating an environment that encourages testing ideas in a way where they can fail gracefully (i.e. experimentation). It also means driving a culture where people strive to learn and improve their own skills continuously.

Build a Learning Culture

Ever Learning

We often hear about the importance of continuous learning but it is rarely front-and-centre with most organisations. A Learning Culture sees learning as an investment in your people that will pay serious dividends - for them, your business and your customers.

Facilitate Experimentation

Ever Testing

Experimentation is akin to Anti-fragility or Darwinism. It's a constant state of pushing the boundaries of your organisation such that you may evolve and be a better one. The tests are small enough such that no major harm can be done - but when we fail, learn and adapt we end up stronger than we were previously.

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