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Digital Platforms


01. Our Approach

Platforms, APIs and microservices... oh my

If Digital Ecosystems are the future of customer experience, then Digital Platforms will be the building blocks.  With proper architecture (i.e. evolutionary architecture) your Digital Platforms will work together and continuously shift and evolve to the growing and changing needs of your business and your customers – informing each other and enriching each other along the way.  Decoupling these platforms from your ultimate experience (via APIs, microservices etc.) will give your teams the autonomy they need to create experiences at speed – helping you truly deliver Evolutionary Experience.

Digital Platforms power your Digital Experience. In this stage we assess which platforms you have, how they are architected to work together, and whether they are sufficiently decoupled to give your teams (and partners) the autonomy they need to create experiences at speed.

01. Our Services

Digital Platforms

The building blocks of digital experience

Digital Platforms are vehicles for capturing and transforming data to both inform and enrich digital experiences and empower employees. Modern platforms typically expose this data through APIs, helping them talk to other platforms, further enriching this data for both customer and organisational benefit. Architecting these connections and relationships is crucial for the success of your digital experience.

Customer Relationships

CRM - the heart of your digital platforms

In most organisations, CRM is quickly becoming the source of truth for other platforms, putting the customer squarely at the centre of your business. But other customer platforms are quickly evolving, typically focused on quality (and heavily enriched) customer data, which can supercharge your customer experiences.

Marketing & Experience

The right moment, at the right place, at the right time

Marketing has been built on the premise of delivering the right message, at the right place, at the right time - in an attempt to reach more people and convert them to action. In a world of customer experience, this concept has evolved from the right message to the right moment. While marketing is ever-important and more sophisticated than ever, the same smarts now need to be applied to customer experience, ensuring ongoing relevance and customer satisfaction.

Operations & Process

Creating the scalability for growth

In a world gone mad on customer experience, it's easy to forget the importance of a well-oiled operations machine. No matter how slick your customer experience, if it can't be delivered cost-effectively, consistently, and at high-quality - then you'll be out of business quickly. Platforms that support operations and process can help you simplify, standardise and (ultimately) automate processes - creating the capacity to grow and scale effectively.

Data & Analytics

Know thy business, know thy customer

Data & Analytics Platforms are proliferating and getting ever more sophisticated. Working closely with your other platforms they can help garner a much deeper understanding of your customer, which is the first step towards powering future digital ecosystems and orchestrating life events.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Taking it to the cloud

If digital platforms are the building blocks of ecosystems and experience - then cloud & infrastructure is the scaffolding & glue. A good cloud infrastructure will help set your platforms up for success - creating the necessary security to operate with confidence, coupled with the accessibility to create richer digital experiences.

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