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Digital Experience


01. Our Approach

Ever engaging, ever converting, ever evolving

Digital Experience is the ultimate culmination and outcome of your strategic planning, partnerships, delivery and chosen ecosystems.  It is what your customers can see, touch and interact with. If you don’t control (and excel at) Digital Experience, you will be commodotised, which is an incredibly fast race to the bottom.  Digital Experience works across all stages of the Customer Journey – attracting customers, engaging them, on-boarding them, growing them and ultimately retaining them.  Different strategies, approaches, technologies and experiences are required at each stage to get the best customer outcome and conversion.

Digital Experience is always on – being more of a discipline than a process. This does start with planning and execution (led by your Evolutionary Strategy and Delivery teams) – but soon evolves into an internal capability, ideally distributed into your cross-functional delivery teams.

01. Our Services

Digital Experience

Attract / Engage / On-board / Grow / Retain

Digital Experience is present, and should ultimately lead, in every stage of your Customer Lifecycle. In a world of shorter attention spans, impulse buying, instant resolution and reduced brand loyalty - Digital Experience gives customers on-demand access to the products, services and answers they need to stay engaged with your brand.


Capture attention and market share

The first role of Digital Experience is to attract new customers. A considered digital marketing approach will get you in front of the right people, at the right time with the right message. Your Evolutionary Strategy will help determine the answers to these questions and ultimately drive your marketing strategy.


Talk with customers on their terms

Engaging customers is more important than ever. In a world of shortened attention and heightened expectations, being available 24/7 via all digital channels is becoming an expectation - and those who can't compete run the risk of losing relevancy.


How you start shows how you will continue

On-boarding is frequently a missed opportunity for businesses. Just as they're at the height of emotional decision-making, businesses take a backwards step, relax and take their foot off the gas. This sends a clear signal of what is to come - and puts customers immediately on the back foot. Digital On-boarding is critical - and once setup is incredibly easy to automate and replicate.


The first sale is just the beginning

It's often quoted is 5x more expensive to get a new customer than keep an existing one. Customer growth can often be overlooked by businesses, with a lot of their focus placed on selling new customers. A good customer growth program can be led through digital, especially through appropriate Digital Platforms.


Keep what you catch

Retaining customers is one of the fastest ways to grow customer lifetime value - the lifeblood of any business. Using digital & data you can assess sentiment of customers and identify cohorts likely to switch - allowing you to actively engage and retain them.

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