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Digital Ecosystems


01. Our Approach

Know where to play, know who to play with

Digital Ecosystems will herald a new business age Рwhere customers can orchestrate complicated life events (think weddings, buying a house etc.) through digital interfaces Рmaking light work of planning, comparing, purchasing and delivery of different elements of each life event.  Businesses are starting to catch on to the potential power of Digital Ecosystems, but are a long way from being sophisticated enough to deliver on the true value of this reality. To play in this new world you need an Evolutionary Strategy and you need to understand where you will play (Ecosystem Playgrounds) and who you will play with (Ecosystem Partners). Only then can you truly evolve your business to reach your true potential.

The Digital Ecosystems process helps you determine who you could and should partner with based on where you want to play – i.e. your Ecosystem Playground/s. Alongside this determination is consideration for how you can partner, both on a human and on a technology front, both being equally important to deliver on the promise of Digital Ecosystems.

01. Our Services

Digital Ecosystems

Know your place in the new world economy

Digital Ecosystems will herald a new business age - where your business is equally intwined with your customers and your partners to deliver the ultimate customer experience. But which ecosystems will you play within? And who will you partner with to help orchestrate these chosen ecosystems and life events?

Ecosystem Playgrounds

Where will you play?

Digital Playgrounds are the ecosystems you choose to enter or drive - i.e. where you want to play. They will centre around key life events - such as getting married, buying a house, taking an overseas holiday etc. Your ability to choose playgrounds that align best to your core competencies (and partnering capability) will ultimately determine how successful your future business is.

Ecosystem Partners

Who will you play with?

Ecosystem Partners will become a much larger focus for businesses in the future, and may prove to be as important a focus as customers to help deliver on the promise of Digital Ecosystems. Who should you play with, how will you engage them, and how can you work together to help orchestrate new ecosystems?

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