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Digital Business Modelling


01. Our Approach

Build for the future, centre in reality

Digital Business Modelling helps you plan for a future of Digital Ecosystems through a range of micro-transformations along the way.  By understanding the different roles you can play within a Digital Ecosystem, you can then explore multiple transformational strategies Рdriving scalability, customer-centricity, adaptability and organisational growth along the way.

The Digital Business Modelling process helps you develop a Strategic Roadmap, typically over a 2-3 year horizon, that then inputs into the Ideation & Validation stage.

01. Our Services

Digital Business Modelling

Forge your path into a world of Digital Ecosystems

Understand how key customer life events & journeys might be orchestrated, and the roles you can play within this ecosystem - whether it be a Supplier, Omni-Channel, Modular Producer or Ecosystem Driver. In many case you can operate in multiple quadrants for best chances of success.

Life Events & Journeys

Understand how your customers orchestrate their lives

Map out your customers relevant Life Events and Journeys to see what opportunities might exist in adjacent markets via partnership, acquisition or product development.

Environmental Research

Political / Environmental / Social / Technological / Legal / Economical

Understanding the broader landscape helps ensure you can avoid regulatory pitfalls and capture opportunities exposed through environmental change. It can also help you predict shifts in potential ecosystems.

Technology & Trends

Understand how exponential advances in technology will impact your business model

Technology change is exponential and will disrupt just about every industry. Deep-diving into these key technologies will help you predict shifts in customer experience that can help you drive ecosystem & business model decisions.

Market & Competitors

Understand your competitors, the market, and the unseen opportunities

See how you compare with your competitors now and where they're likely to be playing in the future. Identify where you can better differentiate in the short term, and how the market is likely to evolve with respect to technology advances and ecosystems in the future.

Organisational Context

Make sure your strategy is routed in current reality while future-facing

Ensure you're planning captures all current business risks and opportunities - catering for both short, medium and long-term strategy.

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