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Our Approach

A multi-faceted challenge requires a multi-faceted approach. We need to equally understand your business and product in-depth while also understanding your customer and the best way to reach, attract, engage and convert them. Our approach is built on three key pillars:

Experience Design
Experience Engineering
Experience Evolution
Experience Design helps plot a course for the future within the context of business strategy, customer needs and technology evolution.

Experience Engineering creates an executable blueprint for each interaction that ensures the most relevant experience for your customers.

Experience Evolution ensures your experience evolves at sufficient pace to remain relevant and continuously increase business velocity and performance.

Experience Design

Value Proposition

Designing your website starts by designing your brands value proposition.

What do customers weigh up in their minds when making a decision as to which provider they will engage? What are the factors of competition that drive user behaviour between sites?

We employ a Strategy Canvas to plot your Value Proposition relative to a selected competitive set. By doing we can highlight where your brand is outperforming and underperforming against competitors.
In this step we also familiarise ourselves with your products features and benefits, and supporting research.

Information Architecture

Our approach to information architecture balances the needs of user experience against desired business outcomes such as creating website subscribers, leads or sales.
Our process starts by mapping the entry and exit points to your site, in context of the larger customer journeys across the sales, service and operations.
Then we define conversion points for your website to attain your desired business outcomes, for example to generate subscribers, leads and sales.
We then architect each user interface of each page, structuring content, functionality and call to actions into hierarchies to support user goals and conversion points.
Finally, we design menus and on-page links to support user journeys designed to convert users. We do all this with a view to make sure your IA is scalable into the future and able to support future business strategy.

Experience Blueprint

Business is inherently complex, but we’re fundamentally driven to simplify and strengthen the relationships between customer experience, digital transformation, business agility and financial performance.
We start by helping you articulate a brand proposition that is unique and defensible
We take the time to understand your business and your customers so we can map user personas and customer journeys
We translate business requirements into goal and performance metrics
We develop detailed blueprints for design & development, ensuring the highest quality of execution and customer engagement
The end result — a visually stunning website that engages customers and delivers tangible business results

Experience Engineering

Design & Content

Decisions are made with the heart and rationalised with the head. Your website design and content must pull on the heart strings of your customers if you want to engage them and drive them to action.
Award-winning User Interface (UI) Design.
Bespoke website template/s design across the entire website.
Support with content where required (full copywriting support upon request).
Animation, illustration, photography and video support on request.

Website Development & CMS Integration

Your website is often a missed opportunity to create something truly special. We specialise in highly interactive and engaging website development coupled with simple CMS usability for our clients.
High quality HTML, CSS and Javascript development.
Enterprise-level Wordpress CMS experience and plugins for the highest possible security and performance.
Oxygen builder for high-performing block development, maximising your layout options for new content.
Intelligent use of custom post-types to maximise opportunities for related content and additional user engagement.

Website & Content Migration

Don't throw out your existing investment into content and metadata.

As experts in WordPress development we can confidently migrate your existing website content to your new project.

Migrate all of your websites and posts.
Migrate users and login details.
Migrate plugins and custom post types.
Migrate images and media files.

Experience Evolution

Website Maintenance

We can provide Service Retainers, blocks of hours or ad-hoc support models.

We recommend a blended support model covering website content/layout, creative, technical and marketing support.

We provide technical support to create new functionality, update plug-ins as well as 24/7 monitoring of service levels.
We also provide support to create website content, including copywriting and content layout.
Creative and marketing support covers offline as well as online mediums such as print and outdoor.

Scorecard Design

We identify conversion points on your website (for example leads or sales generated), and also identify other supporting metrics such as bounce and page engagement rates.

We set targets to support your wider business objectives and track variance from those objectives.

User journey mapping identifies sales and marketing funnels that exist on your website and what metrics we need to track their performance.
We also review other financial dimension to establish forecasts for metrics such as cost per lead, and customer of customer acquisition.
We roll all metrics and targets into a single easy to use scorecard.

Experience Operations Centre

The Experience Operations Centre (XOC) is a single interactive collaboration environment where live dashboard data is combined with latest customer and market research, to optimise product, service and campaign performance.
In a single one hour session, use dashboard data, to identify performance problems
In an online collaboration environment, readily access research housed in digital tools and use as inputs to design new GTMs, campaigns, website updates, or any marketing communication, on and offline.
Project Estimate
Timing, Budget & Options to deliver the right experience within current business constraints

Experience Design


Experience Engineering


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