Suzuki QLD Website
+ Kizashi Microsite

Suzuki QLD is in a unique position of representing a nationally (and internationally) recognisable automotive brand at state-only level. Unlike Suzuki Australia (and other national automotive brands) they didn’t have a national budget to implement their new website and digital strategy – yet still needed to look every bit the piece of their national counterparts.

We developed a new website that not only presents them on par with their national counterpart (we’d argue slightly better!) but also allowed them to make close to real-time updates to content across the entire site, keeping them fresh and current.

Project Results

    • Visitation: From 7,600 to 22,000 visits per month (in 13 months)
    • Goals: 26,000 goal completions in 13 months (includes Brochure downloads, Quote requests, Test drives and Contact us submissions)
    • Goal Conversion rate: 14%