Evolut's 6D Fact Finder.
Get ready for your Digital Evolution.

Evolut 6D Fact Finder

1 Introduction
2 Key Focus
3 Key Challenges
4 Key Results & Insights
5 Customer Touchpoints
6 Platforms & Data
7 People, Processes & Partners
8 Initiatives & Ideas
  • This is the first step in fully transforming your business into a perpetual growth engine. To get the most out of our first discovery session we hope you can provide some insights into your business, current customer journey/lifecycle and the platforms, people, processes & partners that support it. Please answer what you can easily, but don't over-think it... any answers that aren't easy to come by we can flesh out with you later (over time). The goal here is to get a helicopter view of how your business operates and the resulting customer experience you create (and how it performs). The better the view, the more informed our initial recommendations will be... of course this needs to be balanced with a need for momentum! We look forward to getting your answers back and working together with you on this exciting evolution!