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Complex and lengthy sales cycles require an incredibly thorough digital experience to engage customers early in their purchase path. With a range of interactive tools and deep content we helped NextFleet — a Mitsubishi Corporation Company — establish a leadership position online.

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Automotive,Professional Services




3 months

Project Type

Website Redesign


With a minimal website and digital experience, NextFleet struggled to assert a leadership position in the market. They aimed to significantly overhaul their existing website and create ways to engage their audiences much earlier in the long and complex fleet management sales cycle. Their ultimate aim is to utilise digital to gain significant traction in the Fleet Management industry sector through increased visibility, engagement, and leads.


Partnering closely with Sarah Lepelaar, the Head of Digital Marketing at NextFleet, we knew we had to "win" across multiple fronts to achieve the desired objective. We needed to drive a significant amount of extra traffic, engage audiences earlier in the sales cycle, and give them plenty of reasons to come back and enquire when the time was right.

We devised a digital strategy to significantly increase the scope of the website from less than five pages to more than 60, creating a significant amount of content around NextFleet's products and services. This served to educate audiences about the need for fleet management and relevant financing solutions and helped compare the different options available. Furthermore, we created a broad range of interactive tools, including a "Lease or Buy Calculator", to aid in the decision making part of the sales cycle.

Finally, we helped NextFleet with both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to help drive qualified traffic to the website to build up the sales pipeline as quickly as possible.

Problem Solving


In the first month after launch we increased traffic by 67% purely based on increased search visibility as a result of SEO. Shortly after this we increased traffic by 734% in Q3 FY20/21 through a relatively conservative SEM budget.


In the same first month after launch we more than doubled users, more than tripled pages per session, and more than quadrupled the average session duration (from 1:20 to 6:08). Bounce rate dropped 72% from 52% to 15%. Users are clearly engaged, keen to explore the new website and learn more about NextFleet's fleet management solutions.


Since launching we've achieved an average of 33 conversions per month on the website including 19 enquiries and 8 Lease vs Buy Assessment completions per month. This is a significant improvement on the previous year and has helped NextFleet to bolster their sales pipeline.


A key objective of the new website was to build the website using a "blocks" system that could be easily used by the team at NextFleet to expand on their website as needed, with a range of layout options, but without breaking the brand integrity of the site. With this in mind we architected & designed a block system covering a broad range of content and layout types and integrated this tightly with their Wordpress CMS.

Enter the Challenger

While NextFleet is a relatively new player in the Fleet Management market, they come backed by Mitsubishi Corporation and were determined to "shake up" the competition with an incredibly well designed, user-friendly and engaging website. They wanted to look like the market leader and have a website presence that positioned them as such.

Combining contemporary design, interactive tools, research-driven UX, video and deep-and-rich content the new NextFleet website delivers on this promise. They look every piece the market leader, and with a passionate team and compelling solution they're rapidly growing to assume this role.

Building blocks of successful UX

With a wealth of content and information, NextFleet ran the risk of their website looking repetitive and boiler-plated through a more standard "page template" approach. We knew from experience this approach was limited and recommended a more contemporary block-based approach to design, giving them flexibility to create new page designs through a range of different block layout options. This gave them much needed flexibility without sacrificing their tightly crafted digital design language. The result, a deep and engaging website that urges the user to continue exploring.

Not 1, not 2, but 4 interactive sales tools

In complex and lengthy sales environments, like fleet management, you can't rely on the "active" market alone to drive your sales pipeline. Having worked in both professional services and business finance environments before, we knew we needed a different approach to help engage much earlier in the sales cycle. Working closely with Sarah Lepelaar, the Head of Digital Marketing at NextFleet, we designed and built four different interactive sales tools to help start a relationship with market participants well before they are ready to buy. To date, these represent an average of 12 goal completions per month, helping NextFleet build their sales pipeline and stronger relationships with potential clients through their enhanced value proposition.

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