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Health and Wellbeing Queensland were looking for a new website to help convey their broad remit and role to help drive better health and wellbeing throughout Queensland. Understanding the need to quickly build engagement and rapport with multiple stakeholder groups, we went for a very visual and video-driven approach — driving an emotional and uplifting feel through the website. 

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Website Redesign


As a relatively new Queensland Government agency, Health & Wellbeing Queensland was on a mission to make their mark quickly. They needed to engage the hearts and minds of both the Queensland public and their sister agencies within the government to help bring their new website to life. Their remit is broad and deep and their programs cover everything from food to exercise to clinicians to schools to restaurants — helping improve the health and wellbeing of entire state is no mean feat. The website had to be engaging, educational and persuasive.


Partnering closely with a broad range of internal stakeholders, we developed a comprehensive Information Architecture (IA) to help cover all the different types of content, education, functionality and storytelling that Health & Wellbeing Queensland would need to engage their broad range of personas and stakeholders. This required a very broad set of different designs, copywriting and custom development.

To bring this project to life in 3 short months we worked very tightly with the team at Health & Wellbeing Queensland, as well as the team at Chimera, to get the content and creative approach "nailed down" quickly so we could get on to website design and development. The end result is a very deep and engaging website that has continued to evolve over the past 12 months as Health & Wellbeing Queensland continue to expand their great work and deepen their programs.

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In the first 8 weeks after launch we increased traffic to the website 422%. Month-on-month the website now gets an average of 15K visitors per month. This is based purely on improvements to the site structure, content and search engine optimisation (SEO).


In the same 8 week period after launch page views increased 606% and average website duration increased 53%. This is a result of a much more engaging website and a focus on quality content and useful resources.


The website has generated over 2,500 newsletter subscriptions since launch and over 60,000 engagements with the Resource Hub — both key conversion goals for the website. The Boost your Healthy COVID-19 microsite also generated over 95,000 page views over this period.


The team at Health & wellbeing Queensland is continually updating and expanding their website and can do most of this easily through their Wordpress CMS.

Bold Use of Video

The Health & Wellbeing Queensland website utilises a lot of video content to create warmth and emotional engagement. As a relatively new agency, with such a critical mandate, they needed to connect quickly with website visitors and encourage them to spend more time on the site. Their website performance to date demonstrates this was the right decision.

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