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Customer data & ecosystems

We help businesses to scale by identifying business constraints, revealing customer insights and leveraging digital ecosystems.

Focus and prioritisation are the currency of successful businesses. More than ever we need to be able to decipher signal from noise, see the forest for the trees, identify constraints and elevate them. At Evolut we have developed a simple, yet thorough, approach to digital platforms and business analytics that helps create focus and helps you to prioritise business initiatives. Furthermore, we can help inform the "how" as well as the "what" through customer research & insights.

By helping you implement the right digital platforms — coupled with appropriate data, visualisation and insights — we can help you build an Experience Operations Room (XOC) that gives regular guidance on where and how to prioritise your business and customer initiatives.

Marketing Automation

Track, monitor & optimise digital marketing

Digital marketing is a notoriously complex pursuit – and it's changing all the time. Maximising your marketing budget and knowing the ROI for your business is a the cornerstone of marketing success. Let us help you map out your digital marketing strategy and set up an optimisation strategy to keep your ROI heading north.
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Content Management

Create, manage & optimise digital experience

In the Age of the Customer, the ability to update your content quickly — across multiple platforms and environments — has become more critical than ever to business success. Managing all that content with strong quality assurance processes, is no small feat. Let us help you.
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Customer Analytics

Track customer behaviour and drive customer insight

Aggregate customer data from numerous sources such as sales, marketing, operations and accounting systems. Mash up data to build new insights into customer behaviours & drivers of customer profitability.
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